A Gathering for Orson


It doesn’t seem that long ago, and yet, it does.

July 4th marked the passing of a friend, 2 years past, and yet it still seems like yesterday that we were sitting, laughing, and jibing and heckling each other.

That was time well spent with Mr. Orson Clarke.

Orson was a Blessed individual. He was surrounded by family, friends and musicians (that were also comprised of both of the latter) and people that admired him based on audience and reputation.

Due to this, my Family & I were proud to continue trying to give back the gift that he gave us: the Gift of Sharing, Respect, and UnConditional Love, that made him the true friend that was always reflected in his smile.

We made this gift into an evening of musical tribute, a simple gathering of those that knew Orson, and understood the simplicity of a “gathering”. In his own words, a “Gathering” could be as simple as a pair of people having a great time, to “party-central”, but it had to be “fun-filled with awesome-sauce”. Full of music, good conversation, banter, memories and recollections, and even some “good serious argument just for argument sake”.

This is what was always Orson’s Gift was, this is what he always brought to the table,

In this, we brought it, and will hopefully continue to bring to you.

Joining together at Duffy’s at Dorval, we invited all who shared memories and love of Orson Clarke, to such a “Gathering”, and from what I could surmise from the turnout, along with the smiles and tears, everyone found some fun(ky) memories and solace.

I would like to personally thank Orson’s daughters, Lexi & Jazz, for joining us & honoring their Dad’s memories. They were his most cherished loves and achievements in life, publicly disclosed or not.

Thanks also go to Orson’s best friend, Victor, for stepping up to the plate again this year, as emcee/Host to honor his “partner in Rhyme” and truly remind us all of the imperfections and perfections that make us proud for having known Mr. Clarke, and some of the thing that we didn’t know about him.

Thanks to Orson’s musical counterparts that comprised the House Band for the evening: Leslie/Snooki, Ben, DJ, and Nav. The true backbone of the evening, they supplied the groove that perpetuated the evening’s festivities, and ensured it’s success. As Orson would say “When you have the Best, you Get the Best!”.

To the many and varied musicians that joined in the Jam to celebrate, a heartfelt Thank-You. Understandably you gave of your livelihood to honor a musician-in-arms, and gave of your time, energies, and want, to show love for Orson. All very much appreciated.

To the friends and family that joined the Gathering; “One Love”. Orson was more about “friends and family” than he ever let known, most thought it was always about Music. Proof is shown and reminded in this night of respect. We hope you all had a taste.

Special thanks to the Venue and Owner, for respecting the vision I have/had in mind regarding the Gathering.

It transpired the way it should have, in the way that Orson and I shared conversations.

Simple, down-home, true, open and honest.

About the people, about the music, about the memories; ie. about the Funk.

Thank you for making it a Funktastic evening!

Rik, Fiona, Erik & Iain.



The 47th Parallel


Forty-seven is the fifteenth prime number, a safe prime, the thirteenth supersingular prime, and the sixth Lucas prime. It is an Eisenstein prime with no imaginary part and real part of the form .

It is a Lucas number because its digits appear as successive terms earlier in the series of Lucas numbers: 2, 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29, 47… ; it is also a Keith number.

Forty-seven is a strictly non-palindromic number.

It’s representation in binary is 00101111; 47 is a prime Thabit number, and as such is related to the pair of amicable numbers {17296, 18416}.

Forty-seven is also a Carol number.

The atomic number of silver is 47.

The atomic mass of titanium is 47.

In the year 2014, it is also the number of years that this particular dinosaur has been walking the Earth, and living towards the happy ever after.


Not to mention, walking it primarily along our northern 47th parallel.

I am “grateful”, for every day, regardless of the seemingly obvious paradoxes of numbers that infiltrate our lives, even though I began writing this at 1:47pm.

This has been another great year, and a year very worth living. I’ve watched my sons become more like the men I envisioned them to be. They have impressed and surprised me in ways that only sons can, and that they have followed a path I took, is even more impressive. (Much as the same as I was with my father, and as he with his.) We all lead our “parallel lives”, even if they are so alike, yet so different at the same time.

Like a sine wave, that goes as positive as it does negative; it seems that this 47th year of mine has managed to balance every negative with a positive, every problem with a solution, and more often than not, every “down” with an “up”.


One of these “UP’s” that ended the old year and began my new “wiser” one, was the gift of a musical evening. A good friend and owner of a local watering hole put together a night of musical mirth that allowed me to get onstage and just be a musician for the evening.


Surrounded by friends and family, my “gift” was to enjoy playing the music that I so often listen to, with the friends that I so often listen to play.

The night flew by so quickly, that I barely noticed that I hadn’t left the stage, except when we all took a restful break. Switching from guitar to bass and back, the evening had me at and in a rhythm that I didn’t notice the quick passing of the night to early morning.

Music does that, especially when you’re having a great time.


It may have been the celebration of a 47th birthday, but it was a one of a kind evening.

Experience, achieved.

Gratitude, achieved.

Happiness, achieved.

Age, earned.

Thank You.