Life’s Silver…lining


Life always has ways of surprising us, from the littlest of things to the grandest. In this Age of Opulence, where one is always vying for the gold, I will always be more than happy with Silver.

This year marks 25 years that Fiona has been my Wife, earning her the win (apparently) of the Silver Jubilee, and not my life insurance since (also apparently) I am still here…writing this (or am I?).

Marking a quarter century is somewhat of a milestone, not so much in bragging rights, as it is in being proud knowing that we have spent that much more of our lives together than apart.


Today is a day of our celebration of marriage, a crowning mark of the achievements that we’ve made together thus far, and those that we’ll be making in the years to come.

The color is Silver, which I am usually reminded by the Grey in my hair, by the one who likes reminding me most, especially after 25 years.


I’m just happy to be party to the party.


I’ve learnt over time that less is oft more. Garner and enjoy your time, and not things. There are always more things, but never enough time. Hopefully that way you may have fewer regrets should events cause us to lose time we wish we had spent, because time is only spent once (obviously I’m still not a believer in reincarnation).

My life lesson that has been learn-ed often enough during this 1/4 century with my Bride.

I’ve gained 25 years that may or may not have been, and am richer for it.

As a Husband, as a Father, as a “silver-haired” man.

Here’s to the next 25 years…




15 to Life

15 Years In

One and a half decades ago, I was asked a very simple thing.

“Stop, please!?!”

That instant, as depicted in film, “where Life passes in your mind’s eye in a blink and a heartbeat”, ensured/insured that I was done. I didn’t have to be asked a 2nd time, then, or anytime since, and “It” was, and is, one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made, and with the passing of time; has become a self-crowning achievement.

In truth, there are few things that I wear on my sleeve

  • the Love for and of My Family,
  • loyalty to friends
  • the want to help others when needed

but they had to eventually and finally be paired with something I had to do for me; to make me better…better than what I thought I was and could be.

But more so: To make me…Free.

My issues were the catalyst, enticing My vice. The causes are mine…and private. Those who know: know. That is the historical part of life that belongs in my head, and not in print. The effects that were earned are another thing entirely, and luckily they were parlay and witness to some, and not many. While entertaining, evocative, and provocative; my head and heart are not alcohol friendly.

Good times did not become better times because of liquid, but they certainly have become more memorable without.

Trying to put 15 years of effort into words, is a little tough, especially for one who doesn’t normally convey much, shall we say; emotion. Yet every now and then, that stray thought of openness hits, and type flows where verbosity can’t. The written words here aren’t touting any egotistical achievement, not false pride or bravado.

The are indicative of Want, Will, and Spirit. (simply put)

I’ve proved to myself, and at the same time (hopefully) to the experiences that my Son’s will go through in Life’s challenges; that your measure is constantly tested, and how you rise to the challenge Will strengthen your resolve.

We are created flawed, and the ability to make choices and reason is what creates the aspiration, to be…free.

Albeit, somewhat idealistic, free-dom is a varied level concept, but once being outside a cell of your own doing, you do have a different perspective on the inherent effects that a vice can have on your character.

Subduing, controlling, and ridding oneself of any vice, is as a friend put to me “Willpower”. I view it more as determination; for the want of change, the need to succeed, but even more, the need to Overcome. Every footstep is one in the right direction, and one more than I would have had should I have pursued a different path.

I thank those that have chided me, and thank those that have supported me, but it is still my demon to “bottle-up”.

And because of one loving question…I have a Life, Freedom, and Love, that could so very easily…been much different.

Decision made.

Life made.

Life is still a lesson that I’ll have learnt when it’s through.