The “F” in Funk, the “G” in Gratitude

I’ve always had a credo, a mantra, a saying. Actually let’s just call it what it is: my viewpoint, that I choose to live by.

“Life is a Lesson. You Learn it when it’s through.”

Through Life’s journey, it’s path and travels, we have the family that we can’t choose, and the friends that we are given: that we can choose as family. If we are able to have a few such in our lifetime and experience, we are that much richer.

That is what makes Life…lived.

Some 4 years ago, we lost just a friend, and gained family member, and our family was changed.

We missed, we mourned.

Yet, believing in my “life statement”, we have to live. We were taught yet another lesson in the value and enjoyment of time and what we have to spend with the family and friends that we have around us, and the impact and traces that we leave on those around.

With some of these ideals in mind, I began what has become a 4th annual gathering. Collecting family and friends in a musical celebration of the friend that we lost…too soon.

This year of 2017, found us at Rosewood, a great Pub & Restaurant in Old Montreal, that I think Orson would be proud of. A chill venue, laid-back, with great food, atmosphere, staff and service. I thank them for all they provided, and the efforts that supported the evening.


Friends and Family have been staunch supporters since day 1, and even though I say I would still do it even if there were but a handful of people, it makes it that much more fun and enjoyable to see the faces of so many, who take time from their lives, to come share the evening’s antics.

This also marks the 1st year that I have been able to have the family between my four walls present, all of age, all present. Two sons, along with my better half (who is also the Brain behind the suggestion of the locale).

Now we get to the music part: putting the “F” in Funk (say that 3 times quickly).

The Musicians: Snooksta & the Gangstas (ie. the Aliens “transcended”) have been our house-band, sharing the funk, soul, rnb, rock, and blues, that brother “O” loved to hammer down. Snooki on drums and vocals, Ben on bass, DJ on guitar, and Naveen on keys, all are part of the family.

That we’ve made, that we’ve chosen.

To pull an analogy from Orson’s dictionary (which he had gone from Bootsy Collins to the Lord of the Rings with me in a single breath of musical discussion)…

“Music is the ring that binds us”

Regardless of genres, Orson loved them all, but THE most passionate that he followed, was the path of funk. For this we gather the Family, for the founded “We Got the Funk” Orson Clarke Tribute, that to add another f to this paragraph, is in it’s fourth edition.

Orson has become our “Sauron”, or our “Frodo”, but he is our Lord of the Rings. He left such an impact on those around him, that he still musters the love of friends to come and continuously play his brand of music to the wee hours of the morning, while still bringing in new generations of players into the fold, to honor a Man who could have such an impact on the musical world around him.

I would personally like to thank all the Musicians that came out. The amount of talent could have filled our stage threefold, and I am grateful for those that played, and even more grateful for those that gave space and want, to simply take it all in.

We had some great friends that gave their presence and audience, but didn’t participate on stage, but they did make the event richer, in like Orson would say “just enjoying the spectacle”.

Some photos can be found here:

*I am usually one of the latter, and thank Ben for giving me the chance to lay down some 4 string fun (on HIS prize-possession at that) to play an “a propos” version of “Stand By Me”


I would like to take this time to thank you all personally, for being that F that is in Funk (for Friends, Family, Fun).

Mme. Carolyn Fe graced us with a reading this year that put the night into a certain light. Thank you for those words, and the presentation that could only be done in the way that you did.

Carolyn Fe reading transcribed

Caroline Venor also did a reading, also only the way that she could. That was the icing on the cake; aptly titled (as well): The F in Funk.

Caroline Venor reading transcribed

The readings will be available in separate articles (since I don’t want to be long-winded).

Time is the priceless gift, we can’t buy more of it, and it is free to give (on the most part). Thank you for spending it with us in commemorating the memory of friend and family. Commemorating through the love of music.

This was the 4th, thank you for letting the 4th be with you (yeah I know he woulda said that too…can’t you hear the laughter…)

I hope you enjoyed, and had a great time.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!



One Love


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