Reading: the “F” in Funk


Orson Clarke Tribute 2017, reading by Caroline Venor

The “F” in Funk

First of all, Thank You.

Second of all, in the Honor of, and in the words of Orson Clarke:

“Funk You”

Yes, I said Funk…I’m ALWAYS po-lite.

We all know Mr. Clarke, as a genuine “#onelove” kinda guy. Just one love for many passions, one love for the many offerings of Life.

Passions that made him smile, that made him laugh, which in turn, made him share and pass the laughter forward. Those that knew him will be forever marked by that smile, and forever scarred by his laugh. Look at his daughters, and you see and hear both of these, as well as that glimmer in the eyes that you just know is that “something is up” look.

Back to the “Funk You” part tho…

Carolyn Fe gave us the nice clean build up presentation before…

I’m here to give you my side of the story. The “adult” stage and “dirty”musical side of the story…

The tail end, or “hatchback” view that Orson had on life, because he had the best view in the house,


and well, from his perspective.

Orson, as a stage partner, was a pocket man. He forever held that low funky groove. Hard, tight and firm when needed, or gentle soft and soulful, spiritually filling, and resoundingly climactic.

Yes, I am talking about his bass playing.

Orson knew how to play his instrument so well that he could play it so softly that the the gentlest of melodies would be coaxed from that wooden tool of his, or he could thump, bump, snap, pop, or ground and pound his instrument that you’d think the thunder from on high was controlled from his groove. The groove that became, was, and is, what we call Orson’s Funk.

Regardless of  styles musical styles, y’always knew it was Orson. Pop, Funk, Rock, Blues, yep, and even Disco.

All grooved, all had style. All had junk in the trunk. You rocked, you grooved, you moved, you danced when he played.

Orson loved that bottom end, and he wanted everyone to enjoy it.

And we did.

Big guy gave as much as he got, the more you enjoyed his stage antics, the more he enjoyed playing for you.

Orson was a Giver, not a taker.

Once again…talking about Music…

Oh yeah, I do digress…but so did Orson…changing the topic, well we share that…I’m just not gonna talk about Batman, Star Wars, Camaros, or droptops or hatchbacks…but we are gonna talk a bit about the F words. The F words that bring us here to make music and noise.

We all love those F words.


Tonight we celebrate the F in Friends

Tonight we celebrate the F in Family

Tonight we celebrate the F in Fun

Tonight we celebrate the F in Funk


So, please, lets put our hands together, clap for those we’ve lost, clap for those we love.

The friends, the Family, that Help us celebrate the Funk.

And let’s all just say together, in harmony, in unison, as Family

…for Orson…

Funk You!

#thefinfunk words by Rik Roe



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