A 49th Parallel

49 Canadian. 

Not 50…yet. 

This is a welcome achievement. Hard earned and revered, and not always visible over that distant horizon.

This life journey has been a roadtrip with quite a few detours, but nothing that I would change, could or should I.

Change, growth, learning, adaptation, and most of all, love and gratitude, have made me the man, husband, and father that I am.

Happy at 49. Satisfied at 49. Still hungry at 49.

Like the years before, hopefully like the years ahead.


Giving. Sharing. Helping. Gratitude has been a way of life.

What I’ve learnt is that every little gesture counts, every concious and subconcious action worth the positive energy in which it’s exerted. There is no expectation on the hand I extend, and nothing expected in return.

Simple philosophy, like adage.

My friends are family, and family are those between my four walls. 

Life really is that simple.

This being a few days, and a few random thoughts, after my 49th birthaversary, i am relieved to still be here walkin and talkin (so to speak).

  • I have life. 
  • I have love. 
  • I have family.
  • I have friends.
  • I have gratitude.

Life has been rich thus far, paralleling 48 other years.

I am thankful for those that have joined me in the journey, happy for those that will continue to, and grateful still for those that took the time to: call, write, drop a note, email and wish me a happy birthday. 

Fills the heart with #gratitude.




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